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A whole new world(english) – Koda Kumi
A whole new world (japanese) – From the disney movie j-version
A whole new world (english) – DBSK
A whole new world(english) - LOW IQ 01

Beauty and the Beast:
Beauty and the Beast (english) – SOULHEAD
Beauty and the beast(japanese) – from the disney movie jversion
Something there (japanese) - from the disney movie jversion
Bijo belle (japanese) - from the disney movie jversion

Won’t say I’m in love (japanese)
Zero to Hero (japanese)

High School Musical:
Breaking Free (english) - Nikki Gil, Vince Chong & Alicia Pan
Every Day (Chinese) - Justin Lo & Kary Ng
Bet On It (chinese) - Luo Zhixiang
Together Wild Cats! (Japanese) – AAA
You are the music in me(japanese) – Nami Tamaki
When there was me and you [japanese] - Hitomi Shimatani

Lion King 1 & 2:
Can you feel the love tonight (japanese)
Circle of life (japanese)
Hakunamatata (japanese)
He lives in you (japanese)
Love will find a way (japanese)
We are one (japanese)

Little Mermaid:
Under the Sea (japanese)
Under the Sea (English) – Doping Panda
Part of your World – Suemith

Reflection (japanese)
Reflection (chinese) – Coco Lee


Colors of the Wind (chinese) – Coco Lee
Colors of the wind (japanese)
Colors of the Wind (enlgish) - ACIDMAN

It’s a small world (english) – Koda Kumi and HeartsdalesТык
This is Halloween (japanese) - Nightmare before christmas
Give a little whistle (english) – Beat Crusders, Pinochio

All Apologies: Tribute to Nirvana Cd (English)
1. All apologies – lunkhead
2. Very ape – mo’some tonebender
3. Rape me – detroit7
4. Scentless apprentice – hige
5. Pennyroyal – dr.strangelove
6. Molly’s lips – semi shigure
7. Smells like teen spirit – bdash
8. Polly – kazuya yoshii
9. Territorial pissings – king brothers
10. Lithium – the salinger
11. Breed – onsoku line
12. About a girl – art-school
13. Blew – miyavi

Sunmin: Cover girl (English)
1. Got to be real – Cheryl Lynn Cover
2. The rose – Bette Midler cover
3. Every breath you take – the police cover
4. I have nothing - whitney houston cover
5. My funny valentine – frank sinatra cover
6. Killing me softly with his song – roberta flack cover
7. Love takes time – mariah carey cover

Celion Dion Tribute (English):

1. My heart will go on – Yuna Ito
2. To love you more – K feat Aki
3. The power of love – JUJU
4. Because you loved me – Miho Fukuhara
5. It’s all coming back to me now – mai hoshimura
6. Immortality - Lyrico
7. Be the man – LISA
8. I’m your angel – Miliyah Kato and Shouta Shimizu
9. The prayer - Ayaka Hirahara

Thunder Tracks: AC/DC tribute (english)

1. THUNDERSTRUCK – Beat Crusaders
2. Shoot to thrill – captain straydum
3. Back in black - ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK
4. Who made who – shonen knife
5. Heatseeker – SCOOBIE DO
6. The jack – 10-feet
7. Moneytalks – fedMUSIC
8. Hells bells – kazuyoshi saito
9. Dirty deeds done dirty cheap – sensho1500
10. Whole lotta rosie – okuda tamio
11. You shook me all night long – tucker
12. High way to hell – RAZORS EDGE
13. T.N.T – BLEACH
14. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK (we Salute You) – FACT

All the things she said (japanese) – Juemilia – t.a.t.u cover
Can’t take my eye’s off of you (english) – tommy february6 – frankie valli cover
Dancing Queen [english] - Beat Crusaders - abba cover
eyes on me [english] - angela aki - faye wong cover
this love [english] - Big Bang - Maroon five cover
All the things she said (japanese) – Juemilia – t.a.t.u cover
this love [korean] - Gdragon - maroon five cover

Phantom of the Opera Japanese cast
01. Prologue
02. Overture
03. Dress Rehearsal of Hannibal
04. Think of Me
05. Angel of Music
06. Little Lotte
07. The Mirror (Angel of Music)
08. The Phantom of the Opera
09. The Music of the Night
10. I Remember/Stranger Than You Dream It
11. Magical Lasso
12. Notes
13. Prima Donna
14. Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh
15. Why Have You Brought Me Here
16. All I Ask of You
17. Entr'acte
18. Masquerade/Why So Silent
19. Notes/Twisted Every Way
20. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
21. Don Juan Triumphant
22. The Point of No Return
23. Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer
24. Beyond The Lake

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